Other Collaborators

Jesus Carretero-Bravo

PhD student in Biostatistics at the University of Cadiz. In my 3 years of work experience at the university I have been part of some research projects, collaborating with statistical work through my training as a Mathematician. My thesis project is about the development of a measurement scale to measure the main risk factors in obesity in children aged 2 to 5 years old. My research interests are mainly: Quantitative Research and Multivariate Methods; Psychometrics; and Public Health.

Victor Suarez-Lledo

PhD Student Sociology (Department of Biomedicine, Biotechnology & Public Health) at the University of Cadiz. I have experience teaching courses related to methodology, online surveys and R Programming. My main research interests are related to quantitative research methods, computational social science, social inequalities and social determinants of health. My research interest include: Machine Learning; Computational Social Science; and Public Health.

Begoña Ramos

PhD student in the Clinical Medicine and Public Health programme at the University of Granada. Her thesis project is about self-care of people with disabilities and how they are affected by multimorbidity. My research interests are mainly: Qualitative research; Disability; and Public Health.

Esther Ortega-Martin

PhD student in the research line of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of Cadiz. She works as research assistant at the University Institute of Research in Social Sustainable Development (INDESS) of the University of Cadiz. My research interests are mainly: Multimorbidity; Physical Rehabilitation; Musculoskeletal Disorders; and Neurorehabilitation.

Maria Kyprianidou

Maria Kyprianidou completed a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Patra and an MSc in Biostatistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Technology. She received her PhD in the field of Environmental and Public Health with specialization in Biostatistics in the International Institute for Environmental and Public Health at Cyprus University of Technology. She is a Special Scientist at the European University Cyprus (EUC) and responsible to teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Research Methods, Biostatistics, and Quantitative Research Approaches at the Department of Life and Health Sciences. In the present project, she works as a Biostatistician. Her research focuses on areas of public health and epidemiology and the investigation of individual difference factors, especially dietary habits, quality of sleep and lifestyle factors, as they relate to the development of multimorbidity. Additionally, her research interests involve nutrition as well as attitudes and beliefs about vaccination. She has advanced skills in conducting statistical analyses using STATA and R software.

Andria Christodoulou

Dr. Andria Christodoulou is a Special Scientist for the SAFEST project at the University of Cyprus. She is also a School and Clinical Psychologist, trained in empirically supported treatments, like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She has received her bachelor’s degree in psychology, master’s degree in applied school psychology and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Cyprus. During her studies she has received valuable research experience in the development and implementation of prevention and treatment interventions for children and adolescents in physical and mental health-related issues (e.g., smoking cessation, eating disorders, anxiety, psychosocial support in crisis, etc.). For her PhD dissertation she explored the theoretical model of Acceptance and Commitment therapy by utilizing novel and alterative methodological approaches, like Network Analysis. She is also competent in conducting statistical analyses in different software programs, like SPSS, AMOS, and R.

Pinelopi Konstantinou

Pinelopi Konstantinou is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cyprus. She also works as a Research Assistant at this project. Previous projects she has worked include the Stay-on-Track project. She completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Cyprus and an MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Nottingham in the UK. During her studies, she gained significant experience conducting research with different populations and within different frames related to her research interests (e.g. chronic pain, smoking cessation and chronic diseases). Her primary research interests involve treating patients suffering from chronic pain with interventions based on third wave approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Some of her research experience work that she is currently involved in, include psychophysiological activity of brain assessment and scoring, and doing meta-analysis research in the field of ACT.

Maria Yiakoumi

Mrs. Maria Yiakoumi is the first distinguished graduate student of 2021 from the nursing department at the Cyprus University of Technology. During her studies she participated as a special scientific partner in two research programs of Dr. Evridiki Papastavrou’s . She also contributed to the translation and composition of texts on a scientific website. After her graduation, she worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit. During this period, Mrs. Yiakoumi follow the master program of advanced nursing and health care with the specialisation in urgent and intensive care.

Dr Maria Dimitriadou

She ıs working in the Nursing Department of TEPAK as Special Scientific Staff in the Nursing Department since 2010. Teaching focuses on the subject of the Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing administration in the Undergraduate Program. She ıs involved in both theoretical and laboratory teaching as well as clınıcal supervısıon and teachıng. She holds a first degree in Nursing from South Bank University, UK and a postgraduate degree from the Open University of Cyprus in Health Unit Management and PhD on Nursing Students’ perceptions about Patient Safety in undergraduate nursing education. She worked as a nursing officer in various clinical environment mainly in the pediatric departments and since 2000 she works exclusively in nursing education. Her research ınterest focus on undergraduate nursing education, patient safety and the problem of omissions of nursing activities. In addition, she participates in the working group of funded European programs, such as: COST CA15208 - RANCARE and the Erasmus + Tender4Life research project. She has publications in scientific journals and many presentations at local and international conferences. Her publications mainly concern nurses’ undergraduate education in both in theoretical and clinical setting in the area.

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