The ACTION project

The ACTION project is consisting of early career researchers in the field of psychology (Dr Angelos Kassianos), quantitative data analysis (Dr Javier Alvarez Galvez), systematic reviewing (Dr Antonio Rojas-Garcia), paediatrics/public heallth (Dr Ourania Kolokotroni) and health communication (Dr Iliaria Montagni) as well as a stakeholder representative from WHO Europe to tackle the problem of vaccination hesitancy and the spread of anti-vaccination messages (misinformation) both in physical interactions (for example within networks like parents’ unions) and in the web (for example in social media and web forums). The ACTION team is meeting twice a year and virtually in between. The project is funded under the scheme Constructive Advanced Thinking (CAT)  which aims to foster networks of excellent early career researchers committed to developing new ideas in order to understand and tackle current or emerging societal challenges. They liaise with local researchers and stakeholders to (a) make critical reviews of the literature and relevant policy documents on campaigns and interventions tackling misinformation about vaccination; (b) critically discuss findings from ‘Case Studies’ and Work Packages conducted at the team members’ institutions; and (c) develop a policy document that will translate research evidence into policy proposals for dissemination to WHO Europe country-members after the end of the CAT funding.

The ACTION team is supported by four Institutes of Advanced Thinking

Work Packages

Work Package 1

Systematic review and Documentary analysis

Led by: Antonio Rojas Garcia, UCL Mental Health Policy Research Unit

Work Package 2

Vaccine Hesitancy Among Students: Case Studies from The University of Bordeaux

Led by: Ilaria Montagni, Bordeaux Population Health

Work Package 3

Healthcare workers Delphi Study

Led by: Ourania Kolokotroni, Cyprus University of Technology

Work Package 4

Social Contagion Experiment using a real network

Led by: Angelos Kassianos, Cyprus University of Technology

Work Package 5

A computational approach to studying possible scenarios of complex social contagion on vaccination behaviour

Led by: Javier Alvarez-Galvez, University of Cadiz

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