The outcry for one white handicapped young man… as 746 others were murdered

Granted the story of the young man that was tortured by four young people in Chicago was horrific, especially given his handicap.

That said, I’ve heard more about his case than I have the overall number of murders in Chicago during 2016 – 746 is the current count.

I was trying to vision what 746 people equated to. I figured since it’s sporting season here’s some numbers we can all relate to:

If you took all the players on the field, court or rink in any of these sports, multiplied by the number of games played this is what 746 people looks like:

41 – Baseball Games
75 – Basketball Games
34 – Football Games
34 – Soccer Games
62 – Hockey Games

That’s 2 a day (8 on Christmas Day!) or 62 a month

All told, 746 Murders in Chicago. And we’re hearing an awful lot of one disabled white boy being tortured over the last week?

Source: DNA Info

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